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We Did It!!
Malila's First Agility Trial
Malila Q’d in BOTH runs and took 1st in BOTH runs!
NADAC @ the ZAP Agility Summer Trial, Sat. Aug. 8, 2015.
Judge: Karen Bell
So proud of my baby girl, Great Spirit's Wind Walker "Malila"
Thank You!! ZAP Zooming Agility Pup Club


The  Agility organizations: Who makes the rules, and how to contact them.

AKC Agility Beginner's Guide - http://www.akc.org/pdfs/events/agility/Agility_Brochure.pdf

AKC Agility -
http://www.akc.org/events/agility/ (AKC number or ILP number)

ASCA Agility - http://www.asca.org/programs/agility (registration or tracking number)

NADAC Agility - http://www.nadac.com/dogregform.htm (registration number)
NADAC AGILITY RULES (July 15, 2012) -  http://www.nadac.com/docs/Rules_for_NADAC_trials.htm

USASA Agility -

Getting Started in Agility

Dogs can compete in agility at 18 mos. (For mature bone development). I took classes at 3 locations and found I really like the “chaining” learning method best. I am not very interested in learning “blind crosses” with my dog until the dog has reached basic mastery using the equipment. So, a class that you enjoy, and is a good fit for you and your dog can be a lot of fun.

You might start by attending an agility trial as a spectator. Agility has all people groups from the funky VW with a dog  to a serious player. For agility, a good foundation and good beginning step is a basic puppy obedience class at a training facility that teaches agility. The dog should have a good reliable sit/stay, come, focus & socialization around other competing dogs. There should be a good training facility in your area. By taking a class you can discover what is the most worthwhile equipment that you may like to own at home.

Sanctioned Events
Sanctioned Events - by states http://agilityevents.net/events/
Australian Shepherd Club of America - Event Calendar - https://www.asca.org/events/eventcalendar

SEATTLE AREA - Agility Clubs

Mud Pack Agility - is a Kitsap agility club that holds NADAC-ASCA agility trial each year. Muddy Paws Agility Club of Kitsap County was formed in 2003 by a growing number of agility enthusiasts.

Rainer Agility Club (RAT) - RAT agility holds many trials in NADAC, USDAA, CPE, AND ASCA
Founded in 1989, RAT was the first agility club in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Other Agility Clubs in the Seattle Area

Agility Training Instructors List - SEATTLE AREA -
(Basic obedience, sit, stay and come commands are helpful pre-agility training.)


How To Enter an Agility Trial And Fill Out Entry Form "Premium"

How to Enter Your First Agility Trial

For New Handlers Filling Out Agility Forms


RAT Links -
Clean Run -

Agility Equipment Sources
AKC / ASCA / NADAC have slight variations in competition equipment requirements. I chose AKC with slats on my contact equipment.

Agility A-Go-G o Located in Sumner, WA  (pick-up or delivery) ASK if they have the metal jumps available? After looking on their website call them to order your purchases. I like their metal jumps, teeter, and A-Frame and dog walk, and metal base weaves with PVC poles. (You will have a choice of colors. The contact area is usually yellow.) http://agilityagogo.com/esales/catalog/index.php?osCsid=epkbtvf7hsbrevk7e3q3mcen94

Wonderpup Agility - Ebay

Wonder Pup Agility On Ebay, (ships to your home) I particularly like the agility tunnels.  The tunnels are well made of a thick material and come in a huge variety of custom colors. ht++p://stores.ebay.com/Wonderpups-Agility-Equipment/Dog-AgilityTunnels-/_i.html?_fsub=2

Tunnel Bag Cool Runners Tunnel Hugging Non Constricting Tunnel Bag Set - Sand bags keep tunnel securely in place.


Puppy - Wonderpup Agility - Ebay (ships to your home) Wonderpup also a sells a full size tire jump; and puppy agility “mini size”  beginner puppy - A-Frame, dog walk, and teeter.



FitPAWS Kit Canine Dog Agility Gym - Amazon Puppy size adjustable jumps. Set comes with cones that are adjustable and jump bars for beginner puppy. Use indoors or outside.


Agility Gear Tippy Board - Puppy Teeter - Amazon

Agility Gear Training Jump - (one Jump with two 30" Striped Bars) by Agility Gear - Amazon

Clean Run -

My Favorites: Clip and Go Weave Pole Guides 10 pack

Launch The Dog - Exclusive US distributor of DoggyJumps® by PolyJumps - Ships from UK $$$

My Favorites: A-Frame, Dog Walk, polymer plastic maintenance free with bar or chain in a variety of colors. Adjustable to USDAA and AKC competition heights. Shipping time can take 2 months. (No longer available.)

Build It Yourself - Free Jump Design Plans from Camp Bandy Pet Resort http://www.campbandy.com/store/build.htm
My Favorites: Plans for PVC jumps and fittings can be located online by doing a Google search. One source is shown here.

BOOKS - Library or Amazon

Dog Agility Equipment Construction Instructions: YOU CAN! Build Better Training Obstacles for your Dog by Anne Embry


The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach


Great Spirit's Wind Walker "Malila"  Practice Run Through
                                         June 2015

                 Oh! Zana's Agility Blooper

Weave Pole Training

Fun Backyard Agility Practice

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