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Great Spirit Australian Shepherds is a
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The following resources listed are some of my personal favorites that may help you develop a greater understanding of Australian shepherds and their versatility. There is much to discover.

             Breed Standard
         Canine Health Links

ASHGI  - Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute

- British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association

 - Canine Health Concern

CHIC  - Canine Health Information Center

Dr. Jean Dodds' - Minimal Vaccination Protocol
Give your pet health and a long life. Do consider not over vaccinating your pet.

MDR1 Drug List - Download MDR1 Drug List
Australian shepherds may have life threatening reactions to certain drugs and routine medications. Know Which Drugs To Avoid! Protect your pet!

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (Hips and Elbow)

OFA   - Canine Eye Registry (Eyes)

Dentition Database (Teeth)

Pet Flow -Pet Flow provides high quality foods of many brands that are "Grain Free". Pet food may be purchased online and delivered right to your door. 

SVSVET - Seattle Veterinary Specialists - Emergency Care svsvet.com Kirkland, WA    425-823-9111

Stockdog Library - Inherited Problems in Australian Shepherds

Inheritance of Color
ASHGI - Field Guide to Coloration of Australian Shepherds

Excessive White - The White Aussie Project

Show Horse Promotions  -  Coat color genetics

    Grooming Australian Shepherds

Grooming Basics Step-By-Step
Slides showing basic grooming steps by SeaLevel Aussies.

This You Tube video does not show pants or ears, but it is very good.
You Tube -"Grooming An Australian Shepherd" Posted by Erin Keechak

This You Tube video is a bit longer, but does show pants, tail and ears grooming.

You Tube
 "Grooming Your Australian Shepherd" Posted by Blue Note Aussies

FEMA Emergency Preparedness For Pets 

Australian Shepherd Breeders
Western Hills - Links to breeders 

Australian Shepherd Pedigree Database Sites

*Australian Shepherds Virtual Breed Database*


Pedigree Database https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/search.html

The Primarily Australian Shepherd Pedigree DB

Great Spirit's Call Girl "Rosey"

Great Spirit's Call Girl "Rosey"

Great Spirit's Braveheart "Lizard"

Great Spirit's Heart's On Fire "Spark"

Great Spirits Cowboy Up "Duke"

Great Spirit's Mission Possible "Maxwell"

Great Spirit's Life of The Party "Spirit"

Great Spirit's Life of The Party "Spirit"

Great Spirit's Raining on Thunder"Ironman"

Great Spirit's Call Me Maybe "May"

BleuRoyal Double Trouble "Gaucho"

BleuRoyal Red Camo "Comando"

BleuRoyal's All Eyes On Me "Simba"

Great Spirit's Cowgirl At Heart "Annie"


       Great Spirit's Wind Walker "Malila"

Great Spirit's Wind Walker "Malila"

             Moon Valley's "Oh! Zana"

   Risk 'N Hopes I Want It All "Dexter"

Veterinary Care
Washington State

Cascade Veterinary Clinic
Buckley, WA
All service veterinary care

Summit Emergency Vet
Tacoma, WA
24 hour emergency care

The Pet Doctor
Dr. Cindy Smith
Tacoma, WA
Specializes in reproduction
Ph. 253-666-9043

VCA Parkway Animal Hospital
14107 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 980444
Michelle Sage , DVM - pup tails/dew claws


Steamboat Animal Hospital
Breeder day services twice a year....
6531 Sexton Drive NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Cindy R. Goldsmith, DVM -
OFA Hips/Elbow x-ray
Email: steamboatanimalhospital@hotmail.com
Ph. 360-866-6101

Timberland Veteranary Hospital
       (Special interest in canine reproduction)
Breeder day services twice a year....
2150 US Hwy 12
Ethel, WA 98542
Cheryl McDermott, DVM
Email: timberlandvet@yahoo.com
WEB: timberlandvet.com

Ph. 360-985-2700

Animal Eye Clinic
5339 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Dr. Thomas Sullivan DVM
Dr. Matthew Landry DVM

OFA Eye Exams
Email: recption@seattleaec.com
WEB: seattleaec.com

Ph. 206-524-8822

Lifetime Members of Australian Shepherd Club of America

Great Spirit Australian Shepherds
AKC Licensed - ASCA Registered Kennel
Member of AKC, ASCA, USASA australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

Online Show Superintendents
Secretaries and Services



    Clubs and Organization

AKC  American Kennel Club
ASC  ASCA club of Northwest Washington 2016
ASCA Australian Shepherd Club of American
CASC Cascade Australian Shepherd Club
CASC Cascade Shows for 2016
CKC  Canadian Kennel Club
CNASA Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association
IABCA International All Breed Canine Association
OASA Olympic Australian Shepherd Association
USASA United States Australian Shepherd Association
UKC United Kennel Club
WWASA Western Washington Australian Shepherd Association 

Special Interest

Canine Assistants train great dogs to help special people
Dog.Biz Crufts & United Kingdom Shows
NW Aussie Rescue Australian Shepherd Rescue
ShowRingSecrets.com Calculate the age of your dog for the show!
ShowDays.info Online show information


Jonart's Whelping Pen
High quality durable box. It won't bend, shake, lift or breakdown and is held together with carriage bolts. Also, ultimate Veterinary Fleece liner.

Gestation Table for Dogs Normal gestation is 63 days. It is not unusual for whelping to occur 2 to 5 days earlier or later than the expected time.

Reproduction Normal canine reproduction 

Early Neurological Stimulation  Early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment experiences begins with newborns. For canines, socialization studies confirm that  between the 4 weeks and through 4 months of age are the critical periods for socialization. Regular trips to the park, shopping centers and obedience and agility classes serve as good examples of enrichment activities. By Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

Puppy Temperament Test Personality Testing

PAT Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
Choosing the right puppy for the right home.

7 Stages of Puppy Development Puppies are babies and just like human babies they're going to go through a lot of different phases and stages on their way to adulthood.

Junior Handler

AKC Jrs. - Safety Around Dogs
AKC Juniors - Everything to get started showing!
ASCA Juniors - Would you like to show Aussies?
ASCA Juniors - Showmanship Program Rules
ASCA Jr. - Membership
ASCA Jr. - Minor Signature Authorization Form

Top Ten Dog Sports - Good article that explains each dog sport and the requirements for the participation of dog and their owner:
Agility, Canine Freestyle, Conformation, Disc Dog, Dock Diving, Flyball, Herding Trials, Lure Coursing, Rally Obedience, Tracking Trial
(Not Listed: Barn Hunt, Competition Obedience)


Agility A Go Go
Miller Fly Ball Box & Flyball Jumps

Revival Animal Health
3C’s Dog Show & Grooming Supplies

Dog Food Purchased Online

    • The Australian Shepherd by Tracy Libby
    • All About Aussies by Jeanne Joy Hartnagale-Taylor
    • The Structure and Movement of the Australian Shepherd in Drawings by Victoria Mistretta
    • DOGSTEPS - A NEW LOOK, 3RD EDITION by Rachel Page Elliot
      The DVD is great too!  http://www.dogwise.com/SearchResults.cfm?Search=Rachel%20Page%20Elliott&SubSearch=author
    • Austalian Shepherd Structure and Gait Written and Illustrated by Shelly Hollen 2005
    • Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis by Curtis M. Brown
    • What's Your Angle: Understanding Angulation and Structure for the Performance Dog by Helen Grinnell King
    • K-9 Structure and Terminology by Edward M. Gilbert Jr. and Thelma Brown
    • Canine Terminology by Harold Harold R. Spira D.V.M. 1982
    • An Eye For A Dog Illustrated Guide to Judging Purebred Dogs by Robert W. Cole
    • Animal Behavior An Evolutionary Approach 8th Ed. by John Alcock 2005
    • Excel-Erated Learning Explaining how dogs learn and how to teach them. by Pamela J. Reid Ph.D.
    • The New Better Behavior In Dogs by William E. Campbell 1999

    • Leader of The Pack by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno
    • On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas
    • Show Me! by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D
    • Annie On Dogs! by Anne Rodgers Clark 2002
    • Raising A Champion A Beginner's Guide to Showing Dogs A. Meredith John and Carole L. Richards 2001
    • Tricks of the Trade revised ed. by Pat Hastings
    • Dual Ring Successful Training For both Conformation and Obedience Competition by Jacqueline Fraser and Amy Ammen 1991
    • Dog Treats Homemade Goodies For Man's Best Friend by Liz Palika
    • Ruff Love A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog by Susan Garrett 2003
    • The Focused Puppy by Deborah Jones
    • The Art of Proofing by Adele Yunck
    • Building Blocks for Performance by Bobbie Anderson and Tracy Libby
    • Dog Agility Equipment Construction Instructions: YOU CAN! Build Better Training Obstacles for your Dog by Anne Embry
    • The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach
    • Agility Success by Angelica Steinker
    • Agility Tricks For Improved Attention, Flexibility and Confidence by Donna Duford 2003
    • Successful Obedience Handling by Barbara S. Handler
    • Obedience Judging by William Oxandale
    • Rally Obedience 3rd Ed. by Charles L. Kramer
    • The Beginner's Guide To Flyball by Lisa Pignetti
    • Herding Dogs Progressive Training by Vergil S. Holland 1994
    • Stockdog Savvy By Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Taylor 2010
    • Sheepdog Training by Taggart
    • Tracking From The Ground Up  by Sandy Ganz Susan Boyd
    • Tracking Dog by Johnson
    • Enthusiastic Tracking A Step By Step Training handbook 2nd Ed. by William (Sil) Sanders
    • Training The Disaster Search Dog by Shirley M. Hammond
    • 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy
    • Genetics and The Social Behavior of The Dog by John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller 1965
    • Breeding Better Dogs 5th Ed. by Carmelo L. Battaglia, Ph.D 1986
    • The New Art of breeding Better Dogs by Kyle Onstott revised by Philllip Onstott 1962/1946
    • The Joy of Breeding Your Own Dog by Anne Suranne
    • The Theory and Practice of Breeding To Type  by C.J. Davies reprint from 1928
    • Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type by Richard Beauchamp 2002
    • Common Diseases of Companion Animal by Alleice Summers
    • Stop The Shots! Are vaccinations Killing Our Pets by John Clifton
    • Canine Hip Dysplasia and How To Control It by Dr. Wayne H. Riser and Hary Miller 1966
    • Control of Canine Genetic Diseases by George A. Padgett
    • The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs by Clarence C. Little, Sc.D
    • Genetics An Introduction for Dog Breeders by Jackie Isabell 2002
    • Genetics For Dog Breeders by Frederick B. Hutt 1979
    • Practical Genetics For Dog Breeders by Malcolm B Willis 1992
    • Introduction To Veterinary Genetics by Frank W. Nicholas
    • Genetics: An introduction for Dog Breeders by Jackie Isabell
    • The Genetics of the Dog 2nd Ed. April 2012  by Elaine A. Ostrander and Anatoly Ruvinsky
    • Veterinary Genetics by Frank W. Nicholas
    • Dogs: The Ultimate Dictionary of Over 1,000... By Desmond Morris

Veterinary Medicine
Mending God's Creatures by Jim Roloff DMV
2014 True stories of a small-town veterinarian. I love this book...such a fun read! "The stories are like any great family tale--I can almost hear some one saying, "Grandpa, tell the one about 'Animal Crackers' again!""

Down From The Mountain by James MacKrell

The Good Dog Book ©1909 by John Muir - Eleven memorable short stories for adults and to read aloud for children.

Lessons From A Sheep Dog A True Story of Transforming Love by Phillip Keller "Just like lass, we can be transformed into magnificent beings we were created to be if we simply listen to the Master's voice."

Show Dog by Josh Dean "The Charmed Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred"

Buster's Christmas Letter by Robert Lee Wilson

A Dog for Davie's Hill by Clare Bice ©1957 Weekly Reader Children's Book Club

iPhone/iPad Apps
Agility iMap HD - Course designer
Dog Agility Log - Point keeper

ASCA Rally - signs
Rally Signs (check updates)
AKC Signs
Multiple Choice Dogs - Test your knowledge of dog breeds.

DVD Breeding
Special Delivevery Hosted by Catherine Lord- 90 miutes 2006
An informative DVD on Whelping

DVD Agility & Obedience & Rally

AKC Rally The Complete Guide 2nd Edition www.k-9rally.com

Agility 101 A Pawsitive Approach 60 minute 2003 ISBN 978-0-9734100-1-3

Teaching Directionals: Left, Right & Turn by Rachel Sanders,  Clean Run 2012

Walking The Course: What To Look For and How to Plan Your Run by Kathy Keats, Clean Run 2005

Adding Blind Crosses To Your Handling System by Barb Davis www.strideaheadagility.com

Drive and Focus Leerburg # 101E-D    www.leerburg.com

Sequence Training: Competitive Agility Training by Jane Simmons-Moake Canine Training Systems 2 hours 2006

On Course to Excel by Greg Derret
Advanced handling techniques for agility

BowWowFlix - Membership DVD rental service. Offers a large selection of DVD's on a wide varity of dog training titles. http://www.bowwowflix.com/

Leerburg Video Productions - Offers a large selection of DVD's on a wide varity of dog training titles. http://www.leerburg.org

DOGSTEPS What to Look for in a Dog
by Rachel Page Elliot DVD
The most complete information on canine gait and movement!

Handling Secrets Uncovered

- General Interest
Leader the Dog:The Return of Grey Wolf with James Pierce, Helen Lynch, and Walter Shumway Diredted by Jack Rillens (1926)

Hotel For Dogs PG 2009 100min PG

Herding I,II, III on DVD - Lasrocosa

DVD Canine Freestyle:

Dancing With Your Dog Getting Started - Sandra Davis
Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports - Michele Pouliot
Magazine Publications
ASCA Aussies Times bi monthly
USASA Australian Shepherd Journal bi monthly

Dog News Sites
The Canine Chronicle  http://caninechronicle.com/
Dog News  http://www.dognews.com/
Dog World Mag Online http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/dogworld/

American Kennel Club
American Rare Breed Association
Australian National Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
The Kennel Club (England)
United Kennel Club
FCI: Federation Cynologique Internationale

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