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Honda Fit Sport Crash


My son Neal Lloyd Reau was killed
of multiple blunt force injuries as the sole occupant while driving his 2009 HONDA FIT SPORT.

 Neal Reau was not speeding, not impaired, the weather was good, and the roads were dry. The other vehicle, a Heavy Duty Chevy Silverado 4 by 4 was towing an empty, flatbed farm trailer. The road was curvy. The Silverado had just finished making the hairpin curve shown at the bottom of the hill, and my son's HONDA FIT SPORT was descending down the hill on the right side of the road. My son's car, the red, 2009 HONDA FIT SPORT made no skid marks on the pavement...

There was red paint from the Honda Fit Sport that my son Neal was driving, beginning at the white Silverado's driver side rear view mirror and all along the driver's side of the Silverado. Reports were made to me that the driver of the Silverado work truck from Sand Hollow Ag. Supply had to be doing 80MPH to smash my son's Honda Fit Sport vehicle to that degree shown in the photo above. He said it was the worst accident that he had seen.

Still, my request of local police was denied. Neither of the black boxes were examined from either vehicle, no cell phone usage for either of the two vehicle occupant drivers were evaluated. One officer did voice to me his questioning of why there were no skid marks on the pavement from my son's Honda Fit Sport. ...Why were there were no skid marks on the pavement from my son's Honda Fit Sport. ...Why were there no skid marks? 

The driver of the Silverado for Sand Hollow Ag. Supply, Mr. Theodare "Ted" Bither 44 of Echo, OR.


You were my sunshine. So intelligent and full of interesting thoughts and ideas.
God kept his hand upon you from the very beginning until He decided, and took you home.
Dad and I and family will love you and miss you forever.
You made me happy.

Psalm 48:14
For this God is our God for ever and ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.
 Luke 8:17
For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

Leviticus 19:35
Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity.

Neal Lloyd Reau
 Celebrating his life with family and friends.

This email was so kind, and funny, too. I never have received a nicer note from a bank!
Had to share for those of you who knew Neal. 

"Steve & Linda",

"I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your phone call & explain a bit about us. We are a small bank located in a very rural area. Our bank is a very family style of work place. We get to know our techs that come to help us with our equipment. Neal was heading out here to help me with one of our machines. He was just a few miles away when he was killed. I personally have worked with Neal for several years. I ordered the living garden for you from all of us here in our back office. I am a plant/earth person as Neal is also. To me a living plant is a wonderful remembrance of a life lost & a new beginning.

Here is a story to show you how much we enjoyed your son:

As I said before we are a small rural bank. We are very country (well most of us, but not all ;)….you know clean cut guys with boots & ties. At the time I was struggling with a machine that PB (Pitney Bowes) could not seem to fix. So, they send us this KID from Montana…supposed to be a wonder boy, in walks this longhaired tall kid which out here is shocking to say the least, but then he compounded it by asking where would be a good place to eat. Of course we asked him what he liked to eat & he said he was a vegetarian….you could hear a pin drop. For most out here that is well, just not right. LOL After everyone got over the shock & Neal got that machine running we adopted him.

Every time Neal came to work on that darn machine we would talk while he was fixing it. I think that first year or so he was out here at least every month, sometimes more. He is one of the few guys that NEVER treated me like a girl (old girl but you know female). He worked with me & taught me how to work on the equipment so that when he could not come I could help us.

He really loved some of the scenic drives out of here. I talked with him about a lot of things. He was also the only tech in ALL the years I have worked here that went to bat for us. He fought with PB & finally got the machine replaced for us as a lemon. I can tell you that took some doing!

All we can do is tell you how much we enjoyed you son & how much we will miss him!

Hugs from all of us here in back office with Bank of Eastern Oregon."

Thank you, so much Bank of Eastern Oregon! Neal was a true Good Samaritan; and he really did enjoy helping others. You have captured him well. Smart & Quirky, oh, yes, and so very much loved! :) Love, His Mom

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