Many Australian shepherds have had a working job and purpose. This is a shepherd and his two Australian shepherds in Antelope, Oregon on Christmas Day in 1967. I believe his name was Archie and he was born on the Isle of Skye.

  Where dreams Really Do Come True               

Great Spirit Australian Shepherds 
                                                                   Lifetime Members of ASCA ~
  Aussies Since 2007 ~ Selah!
Great Spirit Australian Shepherds is a
Licensed AKC and ASCA Registered Kennel   


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Meet The Breed

Introducing Moon Valley's Oh! Zana

 NOW AKC Mjr pt./CH ASCA/International CH, CGC

  Australian shepherd, blk tri puppy ~ 5/29/08

Dec. 2009 Eukanuba Long Beach
~  RWB winner!!! ~

HOF CH Laurelwood Workin The Angles
CH Melody's Macy Parade

Bred by Richard Goertzen and Kathy Davis (Melody)

Proudly owned and loved by Linda Reau
Great Spirit Aussies

Junior Handler

showing Judy Elyse's red tri, "Jackson"

Agility anyone! Blue Merle ready for action!
"Percy" shown with owner/handler Jeni Mahan


Western Washington Australian Shepherds Association's Members Achieve Greatness
(Poster created by Junior Handlers)

Photos of

Laurie Thompson & "Tucker"

Judy Elyse & "Spike"

Kristin Ziegler's Aussie public handouts
  Jr. Handlers produced a photo slide show

Lori Thompson and "Tucker"
CH. Whidbeys Moonlight Frost RA

Breed Links

AKC Meet The Breed - American Kennel Club

Breed Standard - United States Australian Shepherds Club of America

Great Spirit Australian Shepherds
Licensed AKC and ASCA Registered Kennel

Member of AKC, ASCA, USASA

Early Days of
ASCA Conformation
1958 ASCA's First Show
Himmel Park in Tucson Arizona
with Judge Eloise Hart.

Aussie 1910

Meet The Breed
Seattle Kennel Club
March 2009

As our club's past Ed. Co-Chair of Western Washington Australian Shepherd Club, I was asked by the founding President of WWASA, to help put on Meet the Breed at the Seattle Kennel Club. Together we worked, in short order (two weeks), along with other WWASA club members' support to stage "Meet The Breed" at Seattle Kennel Club's All-Breed Dog Show.

My own, Oh! Zana, a promising show prospect Aussie puppy, a blk tri, was presented at Meet the Breed.
Moon Valley's Oh! Zana is her name. "Oh! Zana" has come from a long line of Champion Australian shepherds that can be seen on her pedigree. That day in March 2009 she performed her task of meet & greet ambassador with proper airs of adventure and just a few wiggle butts! Love our Princess Oh! Zana. She is a joy.

Jr. Handlers
were also personally involved in greeting the public and sharing their love of the Australian shepherd breed with interested people of all ages.

Judy Elyse's red-tri, "Jackson", handed out many smiles to his visitors at Meet the Breed as he showed-off his mastery of many smart dog tricks. Ask him to "Spin to the right!" and "Spin to the left!" First, he will look at you to see if you are paying attention. Smart dog!

Jeni Mahan, a WWASA club member, showed the bond Australian shepherds enjoy with their people.
"Percy" was our Meet the Breeds' agility dog.  Her merle coat dog, Percy, had to leave his jumps outside the ring. He had come prepared to wow the crowd. Just the same Jeni's dog enjoyed the excitement and was a joy for his visitors to see.

Our aim for Meet the Breed was to showcase the variety and versatility our wonderful breed. We involved Juniors. They made the breed display posters.

Judy Elyse's champion rescue dog
"Spike" was our Poster Dog. Judy Elyse's champion rescue dog, Spikes Home At Last UD RAE OAP NJP NFP was also performing in the obedience ring during Meet the Breed. Judy continues to amaze us all with her expert training abilities.

Kristian Ziegler, WWASA Ed. Chair,
 graciously, provided the Aussie breed handout materials for the public; and I brought to the ring a variety of books relating to the Australian shepherd.
Junior Handlers also created a computer photo slide show by emailing WWASA members asking for a wide variety of club member's Australian shepherd photos.


Laurie Thomson brought her beautiful blk tri, "Tucker".
 It was a particular joy to have Tucker and Laurie at "Meet The Breed." Tucker was #1 ranked Aussie all systems 1/31/09 : AKC/ASCA/CKC CH. Whidbeys Moonlight Frost RA "Tucker" He is a joy to watch in the ring. Thank you, Laurie for the lovely pose with Tucker for my photos at meet the breed. Tucker is truly a remarkable Aussie.






American Kennel Club ~ (AKC) In 1992 AKC opened their registry to the Australian shepherds.They are now listed in the herding group. AKC produces a bi-monthly magazine called Family Dog.

United States Australian Shepherd Association ~
(USASA) a parent club to AKC they  produce a bi-monthly magazine called Australian Shepherd Journal.


Australian Shepherd Club of America ~ (ASCA) the national parent club established in 1957 is a full service club. The official bi-monthly magazine publication is titled Aussie Times.


Western Washington Australian Shepherd Club (WWASA) A local affiliate club began in late 2007 here in Washington State. The club began as a long time dream of our club's founding president to promote AKC/USASA club status in our area.


Some Aussie History

Jay Sisler
February 20, 1926 - July 8, 1995

Jay Sisler didn’t plan a career in rodeo. Born Feb. 20, 1926, in Gern County, Idaho, he was breaking horses for a living with the help of two cattle dogs – Stub and Shorty – when the promoter of a rodeo offered him $10 to perform with the two dogs. That contract led to touring state fairs and the Seattle World’s Fair with Roy Rogers. As Stub and Shorty aged they were replaced with a succession of new dogs, a total of 17 over the years. Sisler’s dog act, which included jumping rope, head stands and see saws, was a hit at Madison Square Garden, Boston Garden, the Cow Palace, Calgary and the Snake River Stampede during the 1950s and 1960s.Sisler and the dogs appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the dogs played lead roles in Disney’s Cow Dogs and Stub: Best Cow Dog in the West. Other film credits include Greta the Misfit Greyhound, Run Appaloosa Run and A Man Called Horse. Sisler is remembered as phenomenal animal trainer with unique acts not seen before or since.

Thank you to the many people who participated to make this years' Australian shepherd "Meet the Breed" a success.

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