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Great Spirit Australian Shepherds 
                                                                   Lifetime Members of ASCA ~
  Aussies Since 2007 ~ Selah!
Great Spirit Australian Shepherds is a
Licensed AKC and ASCA Registered Kennel   


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Flame X Rosey Puppies
Black Tri Litter Expected
Health Tested Parents
Litter Registered AKC and ASCA
Show and Companion Pups

April 23, 2021
To Families Around June 17, 2021
Interest List Is Forming NOW

Please cut & paste and email the puppy questionnaire found below.

~♥~           ~♥~           ~♥~

Our Litters Are Bred to Breed Standards
Please email for our Litter Paperwork Health Information and our Puppy Agreement
Our puppy agreement states deposits are fully refundable for any reason.
Payment in full due at pick-up or before shipping.
Puppy Shipping may be available with all shipping costs paid by the buyer.

If you may be interested in a Great Spirit puppy, please copy paste the
"Adoption Questionnaire"
(found below) into an email.
Please tell us where you are located and what you are looking for in your Australian Shepherd puppy:
Show? Performance? Companion Pet? Boy/Girl? Color? ETC.

For more details, please copy paste and email the questionnaire shown below on this page.        We Prefer Email: australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com


***Please note that a 1st step to owning a GREAT SPIRIT dog is providing a secure 6 ft fenced yard.***
In addition, our dogs are NOT sold for off-leash hikes and walks. Dog parks are not recommended.
If interested in a Great Spirit puppy or dog, please email the Questionnaire.
♥ ************************************************* ♥
Our adoption questionnaire may help us to find the dog that you may be wanting to own.
The adoption questionnaire can be copied into an email. Short answers are best.
You may cut and paste the following "Adoption Questionnaire" into an email.)
 Adoption Questionnaire
(Short Answers Are Best)
  1. Name and phone number. Where are you located?
  2. What choice(s) of color and sex are you most interested?
  3. Family members? Children ages?
  4. Is this your first Australian shepherds?
  5. If not living in the home, do children visit the home frequently?
  6. Other animals/ types/Ages/Male or Female? 
  7. Any dog allergies in the family?
  8. Is the dog being purchased for companion only on a spay / neuter agreement?
  9. Will you provide a solid 6 foot fenced yard?
  10. For the dog's safety will you walk your dog on leash when away from home?
  11. For the dog's safety do you agree not to ride the dog in the back of an open pick-up truck?
  12. Is there any socialization and training classes held in your area that you will attend?
  13. Do you participate in dog sports? agility, herding, competition obedience, fly ball, dock dive, etc.
  14. Have you put championship or performance tittles on your dog?
  15. What activity level would you prefer? Walks in the neighborhood or 8 mile hikes?
  16. Are you prepared to take care of the dog for up to 12 - 15 years?
  17. If you become injured, ill, or just take a vacation who will take care of the dog?
  18. If you have bought other Australian Shepherds, please list person’s name and contact information and from which kennel they were purchased; and could these breeders be used as a reference?
  19. How will you be housing the dog? In the house? Crate? Dog run?
  20. Where will the dog be kept while you are away from home? Where will the dog be sleeping at night?
  21. What type/brand food will you feed?
  22. What are your thoughts on vaccination/wormer/health care?                                                                                                                 We at Great Spirit follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccination protocol for Parvo/Distemper/Rabies vaccinations.             
  23. We choose not to over-vaccinate as this may contribute to cancers and epilepsy found in Australian shepherds.
  24. Do you have a list of veterinary care available in your area?
  25. I understand my deposit if fully refundable for any reason.
  26. Where did you hear about Great Spirit Aussies?
 Thank you for your interest in a Great Spirit puppy or adult companion dog.
We breed for  "Show potentials", Agility Prospects, Performance Sports, and Herding Potentials.
Great Spirit dogs may be available to experienced Aussie Owners, and as companions,
and sometimes co-ownership.
Preference will be given to those who plan for active training at a dedicated, dog training facility.
We do not sell breeding rights to companion pets and their registration paperwork is listed not for breeding.
We welcome your interest in a Great Spirit Australian Shepherd.

   ~~~~~  ♥♥♥♥♥  ~~~~~
Our puppies have litter evaluations between 7-8 weeks to help with best placement decisions, each of our sire/dams and all puppies are Animal Genetic Aussie Panel tested, if puppies are not clear by parentage, MDR1 Test results, an OFA eye exam when available, UTD parvo/distemper vaccination, and routine worming. The puppies come with their personal puppy binder and leash. Our litters are registered dual AKC and ASCA and come with their own litter pedigree.

*For the dog's safety, we suggest a secured 6 ft solid fenced play yard for all our dogs and pups. A collar and leash is important at all times away from home to protect the life of your pet. Your pet may become trained, but the other dog that comes around the corner may not be! It is further agreed that no Great Spirit dog will be left to travel unsecured in the back of an open bed pick-up truck. At no time should an Australian shepherd be left outside in a tie-out or tie out device.

Australian shepherds like to be with their families. We sell foremost to people who are looking for in-home companions and safe recreation buddies.

Our adults and puppies have completed health checks that includes: genetic health screening through Animal Genetics Australian Shepherd Panel (adults and puppies), OFA hips/elbows (adults), OFA Eyes (adults) and if available, puppies, OFA teeth (adults) MDR1 test scores adults and puppies. Selective color tested. The adults are DNA certified.
 All our own dogs are registered with both AKC and ASCA.

Our kennel is registered with both AKC and ASCA. We are lifetime members of Australian Shepherd Club of America. We are also members of USASA - United States Australian Shepherd Association of America, and our local ASCA clubs - Cascade Australian Shepherd Club, Olympic Australian Shepherd Club and ASC of WA.
We support, and breed to the standard for the Australian Shepherd.

  • *Payment in full is required prior to receiving your Great Spirit adult or puppy.
  • *Shipping costs for a puppy are a part of the buyers pre-paid cost.
  • *We do offer Pay Pal, and Zelle at your cost or cash only. No checks.

Any puppy shipping costs: airline required health exam certificate, airline flight, crate, crate bowls, airport transport fee $50, rabies if required, USDA and Embassy fees, and any professional transporter fees for puppies going out of the county may be available at your additional cost.

Email: australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com
Great Spirit Prior Litters

Spark X Spirit
Great Spirit's Yabba Dabba Dooo! "Batman"
Great Spirit's Shazam "Zamie"
  Batman    and      Zamie

Spark X Spirit
Jan. 11, 2020

Spark X Spirit
Great Spirit's Piece of My Heart
Feb. 2, 2019

~~ Our Prior Puppy Bonanza! ~~
Great Spirit's Call Girl "Rosey" BOS WB 5 pt. Major @ just 9 mos.
Great Spirit's Mission Possible "Maxwell" RWD to the 5 pt. Major
Great Spirit's Heart's On Fire "Spark" 4pt. Major

Wyatt X May

Gaucho X Oh! Zana


Gaucho X Annie

Comando X Party

Gaucho X Annie

Dexter X Oh! Zana


Great Spirit may have wonderful companions that will not be a part of our showing and breeding program, but will make wonderful companions.  Our dogs are placed in loving homes who provide safe fenced yards, walk on leash, and if needed doggy daycare. We do not ship adult companions.
Email for more information: australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

All our  dogs are fully health tested, and companion pets are placed on spay or neuter agreements,  and make loving, inside house pets. 
Great Spirit Dogs are matched to approved home. Your deposit is fully refundable for any reason.

Our show dogs that will be shown may be available to approved show homes. Our show, young adult or retired dogs are priced individually according to their training, show career, and come with spayed or neutered agreements to approved  homes. All our dogs come health tested and with their personalized binder.
If you are interested in owning Great Spirit dog, please send an email: australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

If you would like further information please reach us
Great Spirit Aussies
Seattle, Washington
Email australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

FaceBook Message - Linda Reaü

We are so exited for our Great Spirit Dogs!!

Our adults have completed health checks
and are DNA verified through AKC and ASCA

  Our puppies might excel in the show ring, agility, obedience, rally, herding, Therapy Dog,
and sweet companions for mature adults.

 (No very young children, please.)

  Great Spirit puppies will have their Animal Genetic Aussie Panel test results, if available, OFA eye exam, worming and UTD parvo/distemper puppy shots, and come with a personal puppy binder.
Our litter will be registered AKC and ASCA.

Great Spirit Dogs are matched to approved home.
Our retired or young adult dogs are priced individually according to their training, show career, and spay or neutering, and all are health tested. All our dogs come with their personalized binder full of their information.
If interested in a Great Spirit dog, please send an email, along with a cut & paste
of the Great Spirit
Adoption Questionnaire.

Puppy Announcements will be first added to our website and FaceBook.

Great Spirit Aussies
Seattle, Washington
Email australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

FaceBook Message
- Linda Reaü GreatSpirit Aussies


For Individual Information & Health Checks
Please See "The Boys, "The Girls"
To request a pedigrees send an email.


Litter Born May 2nd, 2017
Sire : GBCH Artic Rose Cuz IMA Country Boy "Wyatt"

ASCA CH, International CH, BBX Great Spirit's Call Me Maybe "May" 

Littermate - ASCA National & Pre-Show Winner 1st and 4th place puppy,  - Great Spirit's Raining On Thunder "Ironman"

Our Sweet May
won her Championship
with limited showing, all majors, two of the majors were on the same day;
and all from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class! ♥


and...May's litter-mate National winner Great Spirit's Raining on Thunder "Ironman"

Show/Performance Prospect Puppies
Puppies conform to the AKC/ASCA breed standards and are show/Performance Prospects. Breeding rights are for show homes and dogs who have merit.

Pet Performance Puppies

Puppies many times are show quality, but are not going to be competitive and titled.
Registration papers are limited registration papers that are marked "not for breeding".  Great Spirit does not sell breeding right to companion pets.

Our Litters are AKC/ASCA Registered

Companion Pups AKC/ASCA papers are limited registrations marked not for breeding.
It is agreed that companion/pets will be spayed/neutered after 8 mos. and a preferred time is at 1 year.

AKC/ASCA registration allows you the opportunity to participate in activities and events with your dog.
Altered, neutered or spayed dogs may show in AKC juniors and in ASCA conformation.

Great Spirit Aussies
Seattle, Washington
Email australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

FaceBook Message
- Linda Reaü


We breed to breed standard and only breed for ourselves to produce a top quality show dog. We take pride in matching our puppies to the right families for years of their enjoyment. Prior to breeding, the dogs will have had their health clearances and receive the best medical and nutritional care and have their DNA completed. Before joining their forever families, puppies will be well nourished and socialized. The puppies will have their Animal Genetic Aussie Panel health test, OFA eye exam when available, and be UTD on worming and parvo/distemper puppy shot and come with a personal puppy binder. The litter will be registered AKC and ASCA.
Show prospects may be  sold to serious show homes with full registration.
Companion/Performance pets are sold with limited registration and spay/neuter agreements. AKC and ASCA paperwork will be marked "not for breeding". Your puppy agreement says that your deposit is fully refundable for any reason.

We want you to be 100% happy with your Great Spirit dog. We offer a full money back guarantee for the first 30 days after purchase of your Great Spirit Dog. Many of our Great Spirit dog owners become friends; and we love to receive reports on how your dog is doing and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, PHOTOS and UPDATES, as your Great Spirit Australian Shepherd dog grows.

If you might be interested in a Great Spirit puppy or an adult companion dog, please help us serve you better by answering  "Adoption Questionnaire" located at the top of this page. 

Great Spirit Aussies

Seattle, Washington
Email - australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

FaceBook Message
- Linda Reaü
Occasionally, we offer adult companions and performance Australian Shepherds to approved homes. Adults that will not be a part of our showing or breeding program may make awesome companions and performance dogs. All of our dogs are obedience trained, house trained, crate trained, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.
Adults may be available for agility, obedience, rally or make perfect TV buddies.

Australian Shepherds enjoy training, structure, discipline and socialization. Preference will be given for those who plan for training classes, and  for performance activities that you plan to enjoy with your new family member.
For your planning our adults are made available only to approved homes.

Our Adult Companion-Performance Dogs
are registered AKC and ASCA
up-to-date on vaccinations,
OFA hips/elbows and OFA eye exam,
health check completed through Animal Genetics:
usually, neutered or spayed, 
and microchipped.

For information on availability, please contact us by email or Facebook Message

Great Spirit Aussies
Seattle, Washington
Email - australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com
FaceBook Message - Linda Reaü 

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