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Great Spirit Australian Shepherds 
                                                                   Lifetime Members of ASCA ~
  Aussies Since 2007 ~ Selah!
Great Spirit Australian Shepherds is a
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We are so proud of all the GREAT SPIRIT AUSSIES and so thankful for their wonderful families, who have also became our friends.
We LOVE your Photos and Hearing Updates!!


This is a repeat litter!
Wonderful the first time and definitely worth repeating.
Due Around January 11, 2019

Great Spirit's

Great Spirit's Heart's On Fire " Spark"
Great Spirit's Life Of The Party "Spirit
This was the "Happy 10" Litter
(It was a litter of 11 puppies. One died before birth.)
DOB 2-4-19

All of the puppies have amazing temperaments and are fun, happy dogs.
This litter was put together at the request of my granddaughter wanting a Great Spirit puppy.
Just about on schedule, Makayla has her puppy and he is now named, "Phoenix".
This was our first litter with both the sire and dam being Great Spirit dogs.
I hope to repeat this cross at some time in the future. They are wonderful Aussies in every way.

From this cross we have had two BEST OF BREED PUPPIES from this litter: "Costa" and "Hurit".  The boy, "Costa"  has made his way to Vietnam to live with forever owner, Le Duy Nyugen; and the girl, "Hurit",  will be staying at Great Spirit.

Great Spirit's Piece of My Heart "Hurit" ♥
"Hurit" is staying at Great Spirit.
In Native American, "Hurit" means "Beautiful"
Hurit has captured my heart and to me she is beautiful in every way.

Costa at 4 mos.

Great Spirit's King of My Heart "Costa" ♥
"Costa" has been loved since before he was born by Le Duy Nguyen
"Costa" has arrived safely at his home in Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Great Spirit's Heart of Gold "Phoenix" ♥
Loved and owned from the beginning by my Granddaughter, Makayla
Makayla hopes to participate in agility with her sweet boy.
Boone, Iowa

Great Spirit's Heartbreaker "Quinn" ♥
Loved before she was born by Pat and LeeAnn Thompson
Chehalis, WA

Great Spirit's Heart's Desire "Cooper" ♥
Loved and owned by Chuck and Susan Kennedy and family
Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania

Great Spirit's Heart For The Lord "Bo" ♥
Loved by Dennis and Maureen Nixon
In beautiful Olalla, in Kitsap WA

Great Spirit's Smokin' Hot "Bob" ♥
Bremerton, WA
Great Spirit's Heart Snatcher "Jade" ♥
Auburn, WA
Good friend's Steve Ratcliffe and Lola Armstrong are now happy Aussie owners.

Great Spirit's Queen of Heart's "Luna" ♥
Loved and owned by new Aussie owners Allen and Peachy Kent and their son.
Seattle, WA

Great Spirit's Hearts-A-Blaze "Gillie" ♥
Loved and owned by Darrel and Linda Smith
Gillie's a water boy!
Lake Tapps, WA

Bronze Grand Champion Artic Rose Cuz IMA Country Boy "Wyatt"
AKC BBX, ASCA CH, Int. BIS BBX CH, Great Spirit's Call Me Maybe, CGC "May"

May Called It Fine With Five
DOB 5-2-17

May had a litter of 6 blk tri puppies.
The fabulous five survived and all are the best!

I met Grand Bronze Champion Artic Rose Cuz IMA Country Boy "Wyatt" and owner Janette Bower at the Puyallup Dog Show. My eyes kept coming back to her amazing looking "Wyatt" showing with her in in the show ring. Later I asked others what they thought, and it was agreed, "Wyatt" is amazing! I went to meet Wyatt and talked with Janette who lives in Minnesota and was visiting in Washington, and we set it up to have an AI breeding with reproduction specialist vet, Dr. Cindy Smith, of Tacoma helping to make it happen. Dr. Cindy was not sure if it was going to take due to May's progesterone scores. God was in the details, it worked, May had 6 puppies, and 5 lived. Our May is AKC ptd. BBX and ASCA CH with all majors from BBX, and International Best In Show BBX Champion Great Spirit's Call Me Maybe "May"
The whole litter of black tri puppies: 3 boys, 2 girls are beautiful and structurally, correct representatives of the Australian shepherd. The temperaments of the parents and pups are smart, fun, and a joy to own.
Great Spirit's Call Girl "Rosey"
Wyatt X May
Our keeper, Rosey, BOS, WB at 9 just months!!
February 2018

Great Spirit's Call Of The Wild "Jack" now called, "Jack Jr."
Snqualmie, WA Owned and loved by his lovely new owner, Susan.
Wyatt X May

Great Spirit's Call UR Bluff "Buffy" now, called "Stella"
Seattle, WA Owned and loved by his new owner, Josh.
Wyatt X May

BOBP BOSP Great Spirit's Call of Duty "Marshall" now called, "Bodhi"
Seattle, WA. Owned and loved by his new owners Shawn and Ashley & their "5" children.
Wyatt X May

Great Spirit's Call The Shots "Dealer" now called "Bill"
Kent, WA Owned and loved by "Bill's" new owner, Greg.
Wyatt X May

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

Oh! Zana's Secret Surprise Three
Gaucho X Oh! Zana
DOB 4-30-17

Oh! Zana surprised us with 6 blk tri puppies, all boys.
Three survived and are all great fun!

Great Spirit's Mission Possible "Maxwell"
Gaucho X Oh! Zana


♥ Arlow is two and so handsome! ♥
Great Spirit's Covert Operation "Maverick" now "Arlow"
Ketchikan, AK Owned and loved by Hannah and Tyler
Gaucho X Oh! Zana

Great Spirit's Top Secret "Rollin" now "Roland"
Jacksonville, OR Owned and loved by Arnie and Terri, and daughter Sara
Gaucho X Oh! Zana

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥
The Fabulous Nine!!!
Sire: AKC Ptd., ASCA Ptd. International CH BleuRoyal Double Trouble "Gaucho" DNA-VP
Dam: AKC BBX Ptd.,International CH Great Spirit's Cowgirl At Heart "Annie" DNA-VP
DOB 4-29-17
Annie went from a singleton pup in October 2016 to having "11" puppies!!!
Nine survived and have very much thrived!

Great Spirit's Hearts On Fire "Spark"
Gaucho X Annie
Staying At Great Spirit

♥ Awesome Litter And Wonderful All ♥

Great Spirit's Urban Cowboy "Duke"
Great Spirit's Braveheart "Lizard"
Great Spirit's Heart's On Fire "Spark"
Gaucho X Annie

Great Spirit's Braveheart "Lizard" (Now, "Wizard")
Sequim, WA Owned and Loved by Gary Gerhart and Eva Young
Gaucho X Annie

Lizard the "Wizard" is a do it all dog!
Therapy Dog!
Beach Boy!
Show Dog!
Yay! Lizard the "Wizard"!

Great Spirit's Urban Cowboy "Duke"
Gaucho X Annie
Federal Way, WA
Owned and Loved by Ned and Michelle Provan
The Provan family have enjoyed 3 Aussies.
Great Grandson Duke, 1st Sire Dexter, and Dexter's son Lincoln (Dexter X Oh! Zana)

Great Spirit's Ride Em' Cowboy "Ryder"
Kirkland, WA Owned and loved by Layla and family
Gaucho X Annie 

Great Spirit's Wild At Heart "Finn"
Bothell, WA Owned and loved by Jake and family
Gaucho X Annie

Great Spirit's Cowboy At Heart "Woodie" ~ Now "Roy"
Bellevue , WA Owned and loved by Brandon and Grace
Gaucho X Annie

Great Spirit's Rootin Tootin "Doolin" Now, "Cody"
Anchorage, AK Owned and loved by Ken and Pat
Gaucho X Annie

Great Spirit's Lil' Bit Cowgirl "Lil Bit" ~ Now"Indy"
Bellevue, WA Owned and loved by Jian and Tao & Family
Gaucho X Annie
"Lil Bit" Now, "Indy" grew from tiny beginnings into a beautiful girl.
Love, "Indy".

Great Spirit's Cowgirl and Angel "Rose"
Lakewood, WA Owned and loved by Roman
Gaucho X Annie

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥
Gaucho X Annie
*Singleton Pup*

Great Spirit Little Sure Shot "Phoebe"
DOB 10-24-16
Great Spirit's Little Sure Shot "Phoebe"
Fall City, WA Owned and loved by Sandra & Mike
and her new best Aussie friend "Stella"
Gaucho X Annie

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

Great Spirit's Life of The Party "Spirit"
Spirit is staying at Great Spirit
Comando X Party

Great Spirit's Party Of One "Cooper"
Bainbridge Island, WA Owned and loved by Paul & Dana
Co-Owned with Great Spirit Aussies
April 9, 2016 to present
Comando X Party

Great Spirit's Paw-Ty Time "Freya" ~ So, cute!
Lacy, WA Owned and loved by Katie
Co-Owned with Great Spirit Aussies
April 9, 2016 to present
Comando X Party

Great Spirit's Party Favor "Sundae"
Seattle, WA Owned and loved by Justin & Dorthy
Co-Owned with Great Spirit Aussies
April 9, 2016 to present
Comando X Party

Sundae herding!

Dreamstreet's Let's Party Barbi "Party"
Issaquah, WA Owned and loved by Darwin & Roberta
Co-Owned with Great Spirit Aussies
August 14, 2015 to present

Dam of our "Party Litter"
♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

Gaucho X Annie
DOB June 23, 2013

AKC BBX, ASCA CH, BIS BBX International CH Great Spirit's Call Me Maybe, CGC "May"
Gaucho X Annie
 Owned and Loved by June
Kent, WA

Great Spirit's Raining On Thunder "Ironman" 8 mos.
Gaucho X Annie
Bothell, WA Owned and loved by Monica Blanchard


Great Spirit's Game Of Thrones "Stark"
Gaucho X Annie
Pendleton, OR Owned and loved by Keegan Purcell

Great Spirit's Kissed By Fire "Beric" (Now "Barrett")
Great Spirit Black Diamond "Cole" (Now "Tucker")
Gaucho X Annie
Gig Harbor, WA Owned and loved by The Warton Family

Great Spirit's Secret Agent Man "Bond"
Now "Beau"
Gaucho X Annie
Sequim, WA Owned and loved by The Piper Family

Great Spirit's Rocket's Red Glare "Rocket"
Gaucho X Annie
Richland, WA Owned and loved by the Akyol Family

Great Spirit's Breaky UR Heart "Charity"
Gaucho X Annie
Redmond, WA - Owned and loved by The Krusinski Family
Our First Litter
Dexter X Oh! Zana

DOB November 20, 2010

Great Spirit's Secret Thunder "Lincoln" 
Dexter X Oh! Zana
Federal Way, WA - Owned and loved by Ned and Michele Provan Family
Also owners of Papa "Dexter" Risk 'N Hopes I Want It All, CGC "Dexter" DNA-CP
and Great Grandson Great Spirit's Urban Cowboy "Duke" (Gaucho X Annie)

Great Spirit's Hope "N Glory "Oreo"

Enumclaw, WA - Owned and loved by The Delp Family

Great Spirit's Laughing Maiden "Zoey"
Lake Stevens, WA - Owned by The McKay Family

Great Spirit's Hallelujah "Toby"

  Panama - Owned and loved by The Young Family

♥ Now Retired ♥
Everyone Loves Ruby!

Fairoaks Smokin' Hot "Ruby" joins her fun new family for  great adventures. Her family enjoys boating in the Puget Sound. Ruby is to become their new sailor girl…she loves water, and that will be so much fun for Ruby. Steve and I will miss our favorite Miss-A-Ruby girl,  but we are excited for Ruby's future, and for her new family. 


AKC ptd. ASCA mjr. ptd., International Ch BleuRoyal Red Camo "Comando" DNA-VP
AKC/ASCA/KCC Registered
Sire: BleuRoyal Smokin' Gun "Casper"
Dam: Collinswood House Obsession "Cuddy"
Seattle, WA Owned and loved by Justin and Jennifer

Risk 'N Hope's I Want It All "Dexter" CGC DNA-CP
AKC/ASCA/CKC Registered
Sire: CH Lauric's Firehouse Chili
Dam: CH Sheep's Kin Spectacular Advantage

Federal Way, WA - Owned and loved by Sean and Julie & Ned and Michele

(5-17-09 to 3-13-18 abdominal tumor)

Bright Eyes Dream Come True, CGC "Scarlet"
Queen Ann, WA Owned and loved by Jane and Todd's Family
(Littermate to Belle)

Bright Eyes Gone With The Wind, CGC "Belle"
Lacy, WA Owned and loved by Cameron Ashley Heath and Family
Scarlet's family is looking for Belle's family and would like to set up a play date for the two sisters.
Email me and we can see about meeting at a park on a sunny day.
(Littermate to Scarlet)

 * For whatever reason you cannot keep your Great Spirit dog we honor a return guarantee. *
We will either offer to buy the dog back, or assist you in finding a quality home.

email australian.shepherds.us@gmail.com

Psalm 147:4 He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.
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