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CGC Obedience Rally

                        * CGC - Rally - Obedience *
                              Canine Good Citizen - Ready, Set Go!
Our Kennel Dogs That Have Earned Their CGC

  • Int. CH, AKC Ptd. Great Spirit's Cowgirl At Heart, CGC "Annie"
  • Int. CH, A-ASCA ptd. Great Spirit's Wind Walker, CGC "Malila"
  • Int. CH BleuRoyal Double Trouble, CGC "Gaucho"
  • Risk 'N Hopes' I Want It All CGC "Dexter"
  • Bright Eyes Dream Come True, CGC "Scarlet"
  • Bright Eyes Gone With The Wind, CGC "Bellle"
  • Laurelhills Rusty Jack CGC "Rusty"

                                  AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN

AKC - Canine Good Citizen Brochure - http://www.akc.org/pdfs/cgc/GK9GC1.pdf 
AKC - CGC Participants Handbook -

AKC - After CGC: What's Next? - http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/after_cgc.cfm?page=3



                                    Canine's CREATE Their Own Rally-O Signs!

Getting Started - AKC Rally
AKC - Getting started in Rally http://www.akc.org/events/rally/getting_started.cfm
Rules For Rally
- Rally Regulations Effective April 1, 2012

AKC Novice Rally signs You Tube Demo: 
This is a few years old and some signs have changed, but the majorities are the same.
//www.youtube.com/watch?v=03o_DdYlxzU list=UUph94WpuZq8kVOXqBFBkScQ&index=8

Getting Started - ASCA Rally
Getting Started in Obedience and Rally http://www.asca.org/linkclick.aspx?fileticket=oCw%2b2reHLQ4%3d&tabid=13355
ASCA- Rules for Rally http://www.asca.org/Portals/0/rallyrules.pdf
ASCA - Signs for Rally http://www.asca.org/Portals/0/rallysigns.pdf

ASCA RALLY signs You Tube Demo:

ASCA Rally Signs 1-10
ASCA Rally Signs 11-20
ASCA Rally Signs 21-30

ASCA Rally Signs 31-40
ASCA Rally Exercises 41 - 50
ASCA Rally Exercises 51-60
ASCA Rally Exercises 61-71
ASCA Rally Exercises 72-80
ASCA Rally Exercises 81-85



                     Getting Started - AKC Obedience

AKC - Competition Obedience http://www.akc.org/events/obedience/getting_started.cfm
AKC - Beginners Guide http://www.akc.org/pdfs/events/GOCET1.pdf
AKC - What is Competition Obedience? http://www.akc.org/events/obedience/what_is_obedience.cfm

AKC - Versatile Companion Championship VCC http://www.akc.org/events/vcd_titles/first_vcch.cfm
AKC - Rules For Obedience - http://www.akc.org/pdfs/rulebooks/RO2999.pdf

Getting Started - ASCA Obedience

ASCA - Competition Obedience
ASCA - Rules For Obedience http://www.asca.org/Portals/0/obediencerules.pdf

                                AKC - A Beginner's Guide To Companion Events

                                                   Obedience • Rally • Tracking • Agility 

                                      Obedience Dog Championships - Day 3 - Crufts 2013

Obedience Dog Championships - Day 3 - Crufts 2013

 (Jenny Gould & Zankanja Bitter 'N' Twisted)

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